Reiki Chakra Energy Healing Bracelet

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This divine Chakra healing bracelet represents the seven chakras. In many eastern cultures, chakras represents the energy centers of the human body. Each one has a unique meaning, location and healing power to bring you inner-awakening and mindfulness.

This bracelet is the perfect reminder of how connected you are to the abundant universe!

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Below the names of the chakras and their meanings:

Amethyst- Crown Chakra (Wisdom)

Iolite- Third Eye Chakra (Perception)

Lazuli – Throat Chakra (Speech, Truth)

Malachite – Heart Chakra (Compassion)

Citrine- Solar Plexus Chakra (Strength)

Carnelian- Sacral Chakra (Creativity)

Garnet- Root Chakra (Courage)

Item Description :

Length : ~19cm
Materials: Natural stones.
Stretch cord makes bracelet elastic and easy to wear for any person.
Usage : Reiki healing, Chakra clearing.

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